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Lori-Gene has exhibited throughout the United States, in Europe, Scandinavia, and Central Asia.

Schermerhorn Symphony Center, by invitation
  Shelley McBurney and Alan Valentine, Curators
  •Nashville, TN, 2009-2010
The Art of Music, Gallery One, by invitation
  Shelley McBurney, Curator
  •Nashville, TN, 2009
Color: A Spectrum of Sound–Music as Metaphor in the Visual Arts, Schatten Gallery at Emory University, by invitation
  Dr. Scott A. Stewart and Valerie Watkins, Curators
  Atlanta, GA, 2007
Virtuosi at Symphony Hall, Woodruff Arts Center, by invitation
  Melanie Darby, Curator
  •Atlanta, GA; 2006
Phantasia, Next Door Gallery, by invitation


•Leland , MI , 2005

Turner Center for the Arts, by invitation
  •Valdosta , GA; 2005
Rhapsody, NorDys Gallery
  •Birmingham , AL; 2004
piccolo: small works, genema gallery by invitation
  Suzy Schultz, Curator
  •Atlanta, GA; 2004
Vivace , Trinity Gallery
    •Atlanta, GA; 1999

Lignes/Sons: Trait d' Union , Bab-Ilo

    •Paris, FRANCE; 1996

Études Internationales: d'Atlanta á Paris

    •Pelvoux , FRANCE 1996
Virtuosi, DeKalb College Art Gallery
    •Atlanta , GA; 1995
Of Matter and Spirit , Space One Eleven
    Anne Arrasmith, Curator
    •Birmingham , AL; 1989

Hand To Hand, Chaffee Art Center
    •Rutland, VT, 2010
Mission Accomplished: Hand To Hand, Athens Institute for Contemporary Art
    •Athens, GA, 2010
Contemporary Representation, 16 Patton Gallery
    Danna Anderson, Curator
    •Asheville, NC, 2009
Music & Dance (three-person show), Swan Coach House Gallery, by invitation
    Marianne Lambert, Curator
    •Atlanta, GA, 2008
Works on Paper (three-person show), Gallery One
    Shelley McBurney, Curator
    •Nashville, TN, 2008
Georgia Painters: Energy, Movement & Spontaneity, Museum of Arts and Sciences, by invitation
    Lisa Sloben, Curator
    •Macon , GA; 2005
Looks Good on Paper, Spruill Center by invitation
    Ben Apfelbaum, Curator
    •Atlanta , GA 2005
Southeastern Juried Exhibition, Mobile Museum of Art
    Sean Ulmer, Curator
    •Mobile , AL; 2004
Harold Washington City College, by invitation
    •Chicago , IL; 2003

Audio Visual, NorDys Gallery

    •Birmingham, AL; 2002
Southern Exposures, Imatran Taidemuseo, by invitation
    William Dennisuk, Curator
    •Imatra, FINLAND; 2002

Summer Visiting Artists Exhibition

    Sheri Sweigard, Curator
    •Sierra Nevada College, NV; 1999
Hecho en Atlanta , Galeria del Auditorio Raul Bailleres, by invitation
    Gerry Sattele, Curator
    •Mexico City, MEXICO; 1997
Neon III, Grove Gallery
    Ron Carlson, Curator
    •La Jolla, CA; 1994

Fine Arts Museum, by invitation

    El-Notan Abramov, Curator
    •Tashkent, UZBEKISTAN; 1993
Union of Artists Exhibition Hall, by invitation
    El-Notan Abramov, Curator
    •Tashkent, UZBEKISTAN; 1992

Street Sculpture Show, Atlanta Contemporary
Art Center, by invitation

    James Hull, Curator
    •Atlanta, GA; 1991

Kunstindustrimuseet (Museum of Applied Arts)

    Fritz Harstrup, Curator
    •Oslo , NORWAY; 1990

Rhapsody in Light, Zenith Gallery

    Margery Goldberg, Curator
    •Washington , DC; 1989

Neon, New Visions Gallery

    Bill Schinsky and John Day, Curators
    •Atlanta, GA; 1989
The Body and Its Functions, Atlanta Contemporary Art Center
    Louise Shaw, Curator
    •Atlanta, GA; 1984

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