"Lori-Gene’s drawings are highly calligraphic and filled with a frenetic energy. She floods her paper with torrents of curvilinear strokes that charge across the surface like bursts of water tumbling over rocks. In some instances her line seems to consume the surface, allowing cognitive elements to emerge out of small, untouched areas…. The Baroque excess and romantic warmth of her expressive and energetic drawings provide a great deal of visual pleasure to the spectator."

--James R. Nelson, The Birmingham News
page 3F; March 14, 2004

“My work combines the phenomena of motion, sound, and sight to create an image of the passion that is heard and felt through music.

I often draw in the midst of orchestras, ensembles, and with individual musicians, and my work includes live public performances, from concert stage to small gallery. Through a unique empathy, and a musical sensibility, I merge with musician and instrument, feeling them become the music they play. I also use these abilities to get inside the music itself.

I take this experience to the studio, where line, form, and color are as much properties of sound as of visual art. As I transcend art disciplines, I make images about transcendence. Musicians and instruments often become the music they are playing, or something else entirely.

Overall, my aim is to create an idea of sound through movement and vision in drawings and paintings that most often—but not always—depict one or more musicians in performance. When musicians are depicted, my intention is to create archetypical images for the viewer to identify with, to evoke a musical experience for them. The aesthetic experience of each viewer is, therefore, unique. The result is something new—a drawing or painting that the viewer can hear and feel as well as see."

Lori Gene

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